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The Dreamer and the Debutate

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The Dreamer and the Debutante

Discover the scandal that started them all ...


Lady Heloise Somers has always been wild, despite the best efforts of a dozen governesses, a posh finishing school, and her exasperated brother.


Callum Laughlin is the son of a housekeeper, whose dreams have always been of greatness - riches, glory, and, most of all, a red-haired hellion born far above his station. He would give anything to have Lady Heloise at his side and in his bed. 


As the summer sun blazes over Yorkshire, Callum and Heloise can't resist the heat that draws them together, no matter how forbidden their passion may be. Secret trysts, rumbling storms, and dreams of something more weave together this sweet and steamy prequel to The Somerton Scandals, sparking the romance that changed House Somers forever.


The Silver Leaf Society is up to matters both mysterious and seductive.

Follow their agents on missions and adventures, and fall in love along the way.

Dive into the passionate and scandalous world of the Somers family as they learn the lessons of life and love. 

Each novel is a devoted love story with plenty of steam and a satisfying happily ever after.

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